Yep, That’s my SR22!

I recently became a private pilot and bought a brand new Cirrus SR22.  I did a lot of research on private planes.  Looked into Diamond, Columbia and Cirrus.  Looked at Insurance costs.  Read a lot of forum posts.  A LOT of forum posts.  I researched and debated on all the options and I picked up my SR22 a couple of weeks ago.

Cirrus SR22 Front

My decision to go with the SR22 was not easy and there’s a lot that I still didn’t know when I chose the Cirrus.  I’m surprised at the various service issues on a new plane (known as “squawks”) and my experiences with Cirrus have been very interesting.  It would have been great if I could have read another SR22 owner’s experiences as they decided on the SR22 and what it was like to pick up their aircraft.  Knowing what to expect could be extremely useful.  I hope by sharing my experience, it will help others with their research.


One response to “Yep, That’s my SR22!

  1. Thanks for the incite, would love to hear more about your experience with your Cirrus. I have been going through the indentical research and thought process. Thanks again, it was very helpful.

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